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 Sweetie Pie Pug Puppies in Rutherfordton, NC

 All the puppies in our current litter have been adopted.  I am not expecting another litter until October 2020.  Please sign up for the birth announcement email on the "contact us" page to be notified when the puppies are born.  There are other breeders farther down the page who may have puppies available.  You can also check out AKC Marketplace or www.gooddog.com to find reputable breeders. Check out My Princess Pugs information below, they are expecting a couple of litters in April. 

The following breeders are not part of Sweetie Pie Pugs, LLC.  Please contact them directly for information on their available puppies and prices.

My Princess Pugs - Annie Porr   Kodak, TN

865-933-8596           myprincesspugs@gmail.com


Annie is expecting a couple of litters in April so please give her a call, text or email to learn more about her puppies.  Peaches is due April 11th and Tator is due April 14th.  

Kyker Pugs in Mooresville, NC

Amy Kyker in Mooresville, NC has fawn male and female puppies available. Please contact her at 704-928-5363 or amysellslakenorman@gmail.com.

"Havanese if You Please" in Dandridge, TN

www.havaneseifyouplease.org   If you are looking for a similar size dog to a pug but need one that is hypoallergenic, you should check out the Havanese.  Wendy has Havanese puppies born January 23, 2020.  They have long hair but they don't shed.  Havanese are very loyal and enjoy cuddling with their family members.  Call or text Wendy Pomeroy at 865-202-7253 for more information. The adoption fee is $1500. 

Adopting a Pug

Warning: Pugs can be addictive.  

I have rarely met a person who could stop with just one pug.  Their loving natures make them a rewarding breed because they make such loyal members of your family.


Puppies are $2200. There is a $400 deposit required to reserve a puppy when you choose your puppy.  The remaining balance of $1800 is due at pickup.  I accept cash, personal check, PayPal or credit card. 


Your puppy is marked and you will receive pictures each week as they grow.  They will be vet checked and have their first set of shots before they go home. They come with AKC paperwork for their birth certificates.

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