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Our Girls


Everest is a true Victorian pug.  She has a long body and long legs.  Her hobbies include playing with toys and hiding her treats around the house.  She believes that she is the boss and has to know everything that is going on.


Poppy is our whitest pug.  Her bloodline was bred to be as light as possible.  She has a great build, though, being a stocky pug. Her hobbies include finding the best chew toys wherever they are hidden and resting in her dog bed.


Peppa is our baby girl that we are keeping from Daisy and Oscar's litter in Dec 2019.  


Daisy has beautiful wrinkles on her forehead and large expressive eyes.  She is the calmest pug I have ever had. She prefers to lay around the house with a chew toy to running through the yard except at the beach.

Our boys

Nap Buddies

Pugs excel at curling up with their families for nap time.  They like nothing better than to while away a few hours with you on the couch.


Max has gorgeous coloring and very defined black markings on his face.  He is a stocky pug.  He loves to sleep in his dog bed and occasionally wake up to play with his toys.


This is Oscar and Sally at the vet.  Oscar is the taller one.  He is a lover, not a fighter.  He is more of a Victorian pug with a slimmer build than Max or Boo.


I can lick my nose.  Can you?


Pugs in the snow and heat

Thankfully, living in the foothills of Western North Carolina, we enjoy moderate weather.  The summers aren't too hot and we have our kiddy pools for cooling down and lots of shade trees.  In the winter, we only have a couple of major snows each year.  Boo loves the snow and can play in it for hours before coming inside to warm up in his dog bed.  Everest, Poppy, and Oscar enjoy it for much shorter periods of time.  They will play for a while but they feel the cold a lot sooner.  Daisy and Max are happy to look at it from the inside.  They will go out and do their business but they are going to make it a really fast trip in and out.  Pugs don't do well in extreme temperatures and must have access to heat and air systems.  Pugs can have a single coat or a double coat.  Double coated pugs can withstand temperatures better than single coated pugs. 

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