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  Char delivered four black puppies on August 26, 2019.  She has three girls and one boy, all black.  The puppies are healthy and doing well.  I will be updating the pictures and videos each week so you can follow the puppies as they grow,


- Green collar "Toby" - Moving to Mount Pleasant, SC

- Yellow collar "JoJo" - Adoption pending.

- Red collar "Stella" - Moving to Advance, NC

- Blue collar "Brownie" - Moving to Raleigh, NC

  Daisy's litter was born on Tuesday, May 14th, 2019.  She has six puppies: two black boys, two fawn boys, and two fawn girls.  She is doing great even though this is her first litter.  Everyone is healthy and active.  I have posted a video of our girls and babies on the YouTube channel so check it out!


Fawn Girl (Red) - Moving to Winston-Salem, NC
Fawn Girl (Pink) - Staying in Rutherfordton, NC
Fawn Boy (Purple)- Moving to Lyman, SC
Fawn Boy (Black) - Moving to Michigan
Black Boy (Yellow)- Moving to Clemson, SC
Black Boy (White) - Moving to Evansville, IN

   Poppy and Boo Bear's litter was born on Sunday, May 12th, 2019.  We have one fawn girl, two fawn boys, and one black boy. Poppy is an excellent mom so everyone is doing well.  I will be posting videos of the puppies each week on our YouTube page so stay tuned. 


  1. Fawn Girl (Burgundy) - Moving to Greenville, SC
  2. Black Boy (Orange) - Moving to Bluffton, SC
  3. Fawn Boy (Light Blue)- Moving to Asheville, NC
  4. Fawn Boy (Dark Green)

     Poppy had her puppies on Saturday, September 29th, 2018.  She has two fawn boys and three fawn girls. She delivered easily with no problems. Bessie had her puppies on Monday, October 1st. She has two fawn boys and one fawn girl. She had a more difficult time and had to have a c-section.  She and the puppies are doing well.  Unfortunately, due to some complications from her delivery, she is unable to feed the puppies.  Thankfully, Poppy agreed to be a surrogate mom to the puppies and is caring for them like her own.  


Poppy's litter

1. White collar Boy - Moving to Greenville, SC

2. Brown collar Boy - Moving to Charlotte, NC

3. Pink collar Girl- Moving to Summerville, SC

4. Purple collar Girl- Moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

5. Blue collar Girl- Moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


Bessie's litter

1. Black collar Boy (Stewie)- Movingly to Purlear, NC

2. Yellow collar Boy - Moving to Nashville, TN

3. Green collar Girl - Moving to Ooltewah, TN

  Poppy's puppies were born on the evening of March 2nd, 2018 in the following order:


1. Black male- Moving to Greenville, SC

2. Fawn male (darkest color) - Moving to Hilton Head, SC

3. Black female- Moving to Spartanburg, SC

4. Fawn female (lightest color) - Moving to Newnan, GA

5. Fawn female (middle color)- Moving to Boiling Springs, SC


  They are all doing great. There is definitely a variation in the color of the fawns so it is easy to tell everyone apart.  Poppy is an excellent mom and doing really well after delivery also.  I will be updating the videos each week to watch them grow. 

  Everest's puppies were born on October 30th, 2017!  Five beautiful, healthy pups.  They were born in the following order:

1. Fawn girl- Moving to Inman, SC

2. Fawn boy- Moving to Isle of Palms, SC

4. Black boy- Moving to Isle of Palms, SC

5. Fawn girl - Moving to Hilton Head, SC

6. Black girl- Moving to Salisbury, NC

As you can see, we weighed heavy on the fawn side this litter.  After the puppies are a couple of weeks old, I will put collars on them so you can follow that puppy as it grows. I will be adding videos to the Youtube page as they get bigger.  

These are pictures Everest's puppies from our March 5, 2017 litter of puppies.

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