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Pug Information Websites

In this age of digital information, it is easy to find tons of information on pugs.  Sometimes, too much information.  These websites are committed to providing verified information on the pug breed and have answers for most any question you can ask.  



  •  Pug Club of America-The Pug Dog Club of America is the American Kennel Club's parent club for the Pug breed. No other club is authorized to represent the Pug with the AKC.
  • Pug Village- Dedicated to Pug dogs and Pug puppies. Get tips on training your Pug dog and Pug puppy! Covering topics like Pug Rescue, Pug Breeders and Baby Pugs.
  • Pugs- PetMd- Health information on the pug breed.
  • Wag! Dog Breed PugGet detailed Pug facts, health, history, appearance, temperament, and maintenance information on Wag!
  • Greenville Pug Meetup - If you live near Greenville, SC, this is a club for Pug enthusiasts to get together for some pug play time.  


www.gooddog.com - Sweetie Pie Pugs have been honored to be added to the Good Dog recognized breeder program.  The Good Dog company is committed to finding breeders, rescues, and shelters that provide ethical and responsible care for the dogs in their care. Our goal at Sweetie Pie Pugs is to constantly strive to provide the best care for our pugs.    

 Although we don't deliver puppies around the country, there is a wonderful service called PetPackers flight nannies who will escort your puppy on a flight in cabin.  They have reasonable rates that will bring home your new puppy to your family in a quick and convenient manner.  Mention Sweetie Pie Pugs and they will give you a discount.  

Helpful Puppy Products

Potty Training a Puppy has never been easier thanks to the indoor dog potty, called the Potty Training Puppy Apartment.  Some of our clients have purchased these and love them.  If you mention our discount code, SPP28139, you can receive a 5% discount off a Puppy Apartment. Check them out at http://modernpuppies.com

Adopting a Pug

Warning: Pugs can be addictive.  

I have rarely met a person who could stop with just one pug.  Their loving natures make them a rewarding breed because they make such loyal members of your family.


Puppies are $2500. There is a $500 deposit required to reserve a puppy when you choose your puppy.  The remaining balance of $2000 is due at pickup.  I accept cash, personal check, PayPal or credit card. 


Your puppy is marked and you will receive pictures each week as they grow.  They will be vet checked and have their first set of shots before they go home. They come with AKC paperwork for their birth certificates.

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