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Extended Pug Family

Some pug families are kind enough to send us pictures of their pugs so that we know how they are doing.  Here are a few of our grown pugs. 

Pumpkin is a sweet little guy who loves to cuddle but also has a sense of humor.  Here he is showing his family how to keep laughing during the Covid-19 situation.  The wonderful thing about pugs is that they are always cheerful no matter what is going on in the human world.


I like to move it, move it!

Duke and Tater were brothers from the same litter.  The love running on the beach and swimming.  They live in a mixed family with another pug and a lab.  Pugs are very easy going so many of them have brothers and sisters who are other breeds.  They have even been known to get along with cats.  

Toby enjoys going for long walks and then kicking back in the lounger for a long nap.  Pugs are champions at taking naps and cuddling.  Those are two of their most favorite things.  

Rupert loves to play but also has a bit of a stubborn streak.  Pugs are smart.  They can look at you and know what you want them to do but whether they want to do it is a whole other thing.  Their willingness to please you usually outweighs what they really want to do, usually.

Stewie is a cutie who enjoys gardening and visiting wineries on the weekend with his family.  He is very social and has his own following on Twitter and Facebook.

Bridget had her photos professionally taken by the The Dog Photog in Belmont, NC.  Doesn't she look gorgeous?


His hobbies include playing chase and catch and running around with his food bowl. 

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